Adéla Ackermannová

Senior stylist

Although Adéla specializes in highlights and lightening techniques. Hair quality remains her first priority. Her precision and invisible highlights will blow you away and you will never want another. Nevertheless she will make a percise ladies' cut too. Adéla puts a lot of time and effort into thorough consultation and client's education. She is very friendly while being a real professional.

Veronika Dunková

Senior stylist

Veronika has been dedicated to the profession of a hairstylist for many years, and it fulfills her incredibly. As she says, it's a hobby she pursues with love and great humility. However, she doesn't hold back in her work, and her stunning balayage of all kinds has already impressed many clients. She always ensures that ladies not only have beautiful but also healthy hair and leave the salon with a smile. Veronika will shower you with the utmost care and is happy to advise you on how to take care of your hair.

Aneta Šelepová

Senior stylist

Aneta has been in the hairdressing profession for many years and is greatly experienced.  Highlights and colours are her speciality in which she prefers naturally looking results. She masters a beautiful bob and romantic ladies' cut as well as a precise men's cut. You will be charmed by her sweet and calm nature.

Sára Křiklanová


Sára will always take care of you with a smile, whether you communicate on the phone or she well serve you coffee in the salon. She will do her best to make your visit a delightfull experience.

Simona Vlastníková


Simona cares about the well-being of both clients and hairdressers. Only satisfied hairdressers have the right drive and can fulfill the wishes and desires of their clients so that they leave the salon delighted. And that's what we're all about.