Intense, satiated with high gloss

Providing optimal coverage

A broad portfolio of trendy shades

Gentle to you and environment friendly

Ammonia free hair color option

Our Paul Mitchell and Mydentity brands guarantee gentle colouring but quality coverage, natural effect and high shine. The quality of our clients' hair remains excellent over the long term, which is our priority. We offer a full range of shades in permanent colours and overdyes from classic to fashion shades. Our trained hairdressers will professionally design and recommend the one that fits you perfectly!

We are often contacted for colour corrections. We always approach repairs responsibly and with humility as it is a demanding discipline. But the results of our hairdressers will always put a smile on your face.

Brands that we use for coloring:

MalibuC Malibu C products can remove unwanted chemical pigments from hair in addition to minerals, impurities and silicones. It's an absolute essential colour correction tool for us and thanks to Malibu C we get such great results with blonde and other shades.

Paul Mitchell – Hair care and colouring products of the highest quality, designed for professional use. The Paul Mitchell brand is known for its philosophy of putting environmental care, sustainability and human rights first. The products are of course not tested on animals. It offers very gentle but high quality lightening products as well as natural-looking colours and topcoats. They make hair shiny and just flourish.

Mydentity – A brand founded by the extravagant hairdresser Guy Tang, who became famous thanks to his trendy and creative colours. It offers hair care but most importantly innovative colour palettes that allows us to achieve trendy colour shades on your hair. The colour range of blonde gradients is unsurpassed. 

Olaplex – Thanks to the revolutionary Olaplex formula, you can change the colour of your hair without worrying about damaging it. The product restores disulfide bonds in the hair that are damaged by chemical processes. It is therefore a great help in lightening and colour correction and we are thrilled to have this product.

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