Perfectly styled hair and their natural styling highlight the uniqueness and beauty of every woman. Therefore it’s important to give the equivalent amount of care to short and long hair. Our goal is a perfect combination of an individual’s personality and colorful shades with the help of the latest products and coloring techniquesPlay with colors and be creative! Seize new color trends.

Intense, satiated with high gloss

Providing optimal coverage

A broad portfolio of trendy shades

Gentle to you and on the environment

Ammonia free hair color option

Trends in Hair Coloring

Among our most frequent hairdressing services belongs hair coloring. We use a number of modern techniques and high-quality brands. We recommend to try Air touch – the latest coloring technique. With hairdryer section of fine hair is blow-dried and its lightning is achieved with a very natural effect resembling sun-kissed hair without noticeable transition in between lighter and darker hair tones. Often it’s very time-consuming and therefore more expensive service but our color last surprisingly long and the result is definitely worth it!

Our colors secure firmness, strengthening and precise treatment. We work with a broad portfolio of shades continuously watching and testing modern extravagant tones and metallic cream shades. Our trained hairdressers will professionally suggest and recommend which one will fit you perfectly!

Brands that we use for coloring:

Paul Mitchell – purely vegan product not tested on animals. They contain active substances like tea tree, marula oil or wild ginger. Hair cosmetics is therefore truly gentle and hair stays full of shine.

Olaplex – thanks to revolutionary formula Olaplex you can change hair color as you wish without having to be afraid of hair damage. Your hair will be beautiful as never before and the color will last longer. We at DéOR Hair Design salon are stunned by the results! It can be applied as a treatment for highly damaged hair.

MalibuC – a path to beautiful, intense colors and healthy hair! A revolutionary solution for every hair type lacking shine. With the help of MalibuC we will remove sediments of water minerals, silicones, poor-quality hair products and remains of styling from your hair. Grant your hair a detox, after which your hair will be like newborn and the color will last significantly longer! MalibuC products are 100 % vegan, non-animal testing, parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance-free. Be chic and let your hair literally paint over!

Be chic and get your hair literally painted!

Try classic highlights, renowned ombre or bet on balayage! What, exactly, is it? The word comes from French and it means to sweep up or to comb. In this technique, the color is being applied to middle length and the ends of hair with motions resembling sweeping. Transitions in between the colours are therefore smooth and give an extremely natural impression! We individually adjust the colour intensity to every client, so that it enhances her natural beauty.

Make use of our other hairdressing services such as cutting bleaching, color correction,, and complete hair recovery. C ome see for yourself, that your hair as well can look dazzlingly and healthy! Team of DéOR Hair Design hairdressers is looking forward to meeting you. We speak Czech, English, and Russian. Contact us!

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