Is your hair lacking shine and strength? Do you have a feeling that it needs an extra care? At our DéOR Hair Design salon we not only offer a hair care but also related clients' education. We will teach you how to take care of your hair outside of the salon and advise you on suitable products. For long, quality and beautiful hair, an optimal ration of hydration and proteins is important. If these substances are in imbalance or are even lacking, you can only dream of having beautiful and healthy hair. The foundation is not only healthy diet and life-style, but also outer care with quality cosmetics, which contains rich plant oils, activators, provitamins, antioxidants, and beneficial natural substances which can create and maintain the balance. You will be surprised how much prettier color looks on healthy hair and for how much longer it lasts without washing out!

High Quality hair cosmetics

Gentle to you health and environment friendly

Individual approach

Professional consulting

Malibu C

The basis for healthy hair is its cleanliness. MalibuC products take care of this by removing mineral deposits from water, impurities from the air, silicones from poor quality hair products and styling residues. Treat your hair to a detox that will leave it feeling reborn. By removing unwanted buildup, hair care will be much more effective and the color on your hair will be pure and last longer! Malibu C products are 100% vegan, not tested on animals, free of parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrance.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment

Very effective salon treatment with Keratriplex and Hydratriplex formula by Paul Mitchell. Keratriplex rebuilts hair from the inside with protein (keratin) and Hydratriplex gives the hair an intense dose of hydration. Hair is strong, shiny and smooth, the difference is visible immediately, you will be delighted! Awapuhi Wild Ginger also has a very effective range of products for home use which you can purchase in our salon or at ESHOP with DISCOUNT CODE "deor".

Bond Rx

A treatment for thin, brittle and damaged hair that restores the lipids in the hair fibre to replenish and strengthen it. Bond Rx smoothes hair and leaves it soft and smooth. It reduces stress during lightening and colouring, which will be especially appreciated blondes. Also, Bond Rx offers a great range for home use which can be purchased in our salon or at ESHOP with DISCOUNT CODE "deor".

Agave Smoothing Treatment

Smoothing Treatment Agave eliminates up to 100 % of frizz, undesirable hair volume and decreases hair curliness up to 80 %. Thanks to molecules of sugar, agave catches molecules of water which are linked to hair cuticle for long-lasting hydration. This treatment doesn’t involve formaldehyde or other aggressive chemical components.

K18 Hair

K18Peptide™ is a unique sequence of amino acids that travels deep into hair’s core structure to reconnect broken polypeptide chains (keratin chains) responsible for hair strength and elasticity.