Hair lightening and blonde repair are our biggest specialties. Our hairdressers are constantly undergoing training so that we don't miss out on any new techniques and gadgets. Whether you're a brunette, blonde or redhead, we will be happy to advise you on how to revive your colour to make it look fresh and trendy.


Balayage and foilyage


Full Bleach

Modern and Gentle Ways of Hair Bleaching


Our highlights are not just any highlights. It is a very precise work, which takes longer, but results in a pleasant growth without visible transitions. Our clients return for touch-ups after 4 months or more, and the regrown highlights always look natural. For lightening, we use gentle products and non-weakening developers that last longer but leave the hair healthy and the blonde clean and non-yellowing. You won't see striped highlights in our salon :-)


The most modern technique of colouring, which our salon was one of the first to offer in the Czech Republic and we have extensive experience with it. With the help of a hairdryer, part of the small hair is blown out and the remaining strand is then lightened along its entire length. This technique achieves a very natural effect with a subtle transition from darker to lighter tone and complete lightening of the hair in the lengths (unlike a highlights, where lightened and unlightened strands alternate along the length). It's a very time consuming and therefore more expensive service, but the result is beautiful and easy to touch up. So you can visit your hairdresser a year from now and the colour will still look nice.

Balayage, foilyage

A highly sought after technique over the last few years and its popularity continues unabated. This technique is also called Hair painting, which means that the colour or lightening mixture is applied to the hair and "painted" usually from the lengths towards the top of the hair and only on selected strands. It creates a sculptural effect throughout the hairstyle with lighter ends and darker highlights and alternating lighter and darker strands. The regrowth is thus very natural and more gradual than with highlights, with the advantage of a long-lasting effect and the ease of salon visits.

At our salon, you can buy products which will allow you to look after your hair well even from home as quality home care is crucial for maintaining beautiful blond hair. We use products from Olaplex, MalibuC, Paul Mitchell, Mydentity and K18 Hair, which allow us to provide the highest quality colouring with high quality hair protection and long lasting effects.

We further specialize in hair care and conditioning.

Visit our hair salon and try professional hair services. Team DéOR Hair Design is looking forward to meeting you!

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